A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Join the Great Communist Party of Insectopia and bring joy to your comrades  as you deliver the dungball food supply.

Shit Society is a game set in an underground world called Insectopia inhabited by humanoid Insects. After dethroning the Ant Queen the Dung Beetles established a socialist government with similarities to Soviet Russia and the DDR. Your part in this is to guide a young dung beetle on his way to enter the Great Communist Party of Insectopia. For this you have to deliver a dungball to the cantina in the main city. But this will prove rather difficult because on your way you will encounter many problems which are by no means anyhow related to the system. The gameplay of Shit Society centers around solving physics based puzzles in a 2.5 D perspective by using the dungball and its properties.

Bonus Info:

Controller is recommended

Debug Cheats: 

k= brighten game

l= darken game

h+r = Reset at last checkpoint

h+1; h+2; h+3; h+4; h+5; h+6; h+7 = go to checkpoint *number*


ShitSociety.zip 109 MB
Mobile download link (see QR Code)


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Great game, absolutely hilarious and very well done. I was just wondering if there was actually another route to go down, like a way to actually be sent into the 'poo lag' or something..

Well basically when ever you go to a Cencor Center you are send to the poolag behind the scenes and you get replaced by another Comrad. But don't tell it anybody or you will be the next. Thank you for playing and for your Comment. 

Team Fat Caterpillar

My Let's Play of it, seems like a fun game and I'll probably finish it at some point :D Good Job guys :)

Thank you for playing. There are 5 levels and it's about 30 - 40 min. So you almost had it.

Keep it up Comrad and don't lose faith in the system. 

Team Fat Caterpillar 

Oh I didn't realise haha, I'll finish it soon 😁 Its a fun game, well done 🙂

I've just played this for my channel, I'll upload it when it's done :D I was very bad at it and got nowhere near the end lol

Well, I avoided the Poolag so that's good. Cool project. :)

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you for playing our game Comrade. I am impressed how fast you got this video up online. It was very fun to watch and I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.

(Ps. We fixed the problem in the last Level)

Greetings, Team Fat Caterpillar

It was just my duty, to help the working class  reach new heights. ;)